verb |re·vive | ri-ˈvīv |

-to give new strength or energy to; to improve the position or condition of; to renew in the mind or memory.

A Catalyst For Change

One of our key goals here at reVive Light Therapy® has been to harness the science of light to produce the most innovative and effective Health and Wellness products on the market. For years, the proven health benefits of our products have enhanced lifestyles by being a catalyst for change through healing, reviving and transforming. 

This philosophy applies not only to our products but to how we view the world. The dictionary defines the verb revive as meaning to give new strength or energy to, or to improve the position or condition of. We are committed to reviving communities around the world that suffer from extreme poverty.

For years, we have partnered with different organizations to bring change and revival to Haiti through clean water initiatives. We invite you to join us in our efforts to walk alongside some of the most vulnerable in the western hemisphere.

Our current focus

The Water Crisis in Haiti

Access to clean, fresh water is a crisis people face in Haiti every day. In the Belle-Vue la Montagne, Kenscoff and Aux-cadets’ regions east of Port-Au-Prince, where there is no running water or electricity, it is not uncommon for over 2,000 people to depend on a single water source for their daily needs.

Gathering water becomes the single biggest burden for these families, consuming daily life and taking children out of school as they face the daunting and often dangerous task of collecting the water.  This crisis of having access to clean water is a faced everyday by thousands in this community living on less than $2 a day.

Haitian families traveling to collect clean water

Our Current Project

Low Cost, High Impact Water Reservoirs in Rural Haiti

With your help, 61 reservoirs have been built and hundreds of families impacted since we started the project in May of 2019!


Join us in partnership to bring desperately needed water to this area through a simple, yet highly effective method of building individual 5,500-gallon concrete water reservoirs for vulnerable families. The water to fill the tank comes from rain water collected on the roof and piped to the reservoir. With proper management, a reservoir of this size will provide an abundant supply of sustainable water for a least one year.

How you can help

How it works

Instead of building expensive wells that still require hours spent each day walking to distribution points, our approach is to build these life-changing reservoirs at individual homes to serve not only that family but others around it.

The cost to build a reservoir is $2500 and our commitment is to have it built within 45 days. With all reservoirs, local community members are engaged in the building process, further supporting income in these rural areas. Reservoir partners receive information on the recipient family including family photos and GPS coordinates as to where their home is located in Haiti along with photos and updates as the reservoir is being built.  Partners are also offered the opportunity to dedicate their reservoirs with a personal painted message.



The 61 reservoirs YOU have helped us build are beginning to loosen the chain of poverty that binds so many in these areas.

With water readily available at their homes, there is evidence of improved livelihoods and most importantly, hope for a better future.

Impacts we are already seeing:   

  • Over 100 children are now able to spend more time in school as less time is spent collecting water.
  • Women in these communities are saving anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours a day not having to travel to collect water, opening the opportunity for other income generating ventures.
  • Sustainable agriculture is now possible for reservoir recipients as families are able to water crops during the dry season.
  • Families are seeing increased production of crops due to the availability of water resulting in more income generated.
  • Women and children, the primary family members responsible for collecting water, are safer as they are no longer walking long, often dangerous distances over steep terrain to collect water.
  • The community is healthier due to a decrease in water related diseases, as clean water practice training is implemented with each reservoir.

haiti facts

Join us in being a catalyst for change in Haiti through your purchase of reVive Light Therapy® products. Haiti’s water situation continues to be one of the most devastating in the Western Hemisphere, with more than 70% of the community members in the areas we serve not having access to clean water.


About Poverty

  • Haiti ranks 170 out of 189 on the 2020 Human Development Index. (UNDP 2020)
  • 59% of the population lives on less than US$2 per day. (World Bank 2012)
  • 24.7% lives in extreme poverty on less than US$1.25 per day. (UNDP 2013)

About Education

  • 50 percent of children do not attend school. (World Bank 2013)
  • Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. (UNICEF 2008)
  • The average Haitian, age 25 years or older, has less than five years of schooling. (USAID 2020)

About Health & Nutrition

  • Life expectancy is 63 years. (World Bank 2018)
  • An estimated nearly 40% of the population is considered food insecure. (UNICEF 2021)
  • Infant mortality rate (death before reaching their first birthday): 48 per 1000 births. (UNICEF 2019)
  • Under-five mortality rate: 63 per 1000 births. (UNICEF 2019)
  • An estimated 480 in 100,000 live births will result in a woman’s death, a ratio about 16 times higher than in the United States. (UNICEF 2019)

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