reVive Light Therapy® LookBook—Anti-Aging Light Therapy

$299.00 $149.00

A complete anti-aging regimen that restores your skin’s natural health

Equipped with an industry-leading combination of restorative lights, the reVive Light Therapy® LookBook is one of our most advanced anti-aging panels. Infrared, red and amber light wavelengths penetrate the skin for visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles. The LookBook masterfully administers red light therapy for natural collagen and elastin regeneration at the cellular level, offering unmatched anti-aging effects for your entire face, neck and chest with just minutes of use a day. Enjoy the natural effects and pain-free skincare regimen in the comfort of your own home — or, thanks to the compact design, even while you are traveling. Healthier, brighter and firmer skin is just mere minutes away with the reVive Light Therapy® LookBook.