Toggle Your Wet, Bacteria-Laden Bath Towels — Your Personal Hygiene Will Thank You

Toggle Your Towels for All Around Cleaner Skin

Uncovering the dirty truth behind towel usage, care, and storage for your best skin.

You wouldn’t use your daily toothbrush to clean your toilet, would you? Of course not!

So why would you use the same bath towel for all your body parts? It may look clean, but that doesn’t mean you should use the “one towel, three uses” method.

Golden rule: designate separate towels for your face, hands, hair, and body.

While soap is a major contributor to killing viruses and bacteria, the hand towel collects dust, oil, moisture and germs. When you use that towel to dry your face, you’re transferring the grossness too. And you wonder where those random acne breakouts come from…

Remember: to avoid breakouts, designate separate towels for your face, hands, hair, and body.

Golden rule: wash towels often.

Change your hand towels at least every two days. Swap out your face towels after every use. Body/bath towels are durable and can withstand up to three uses before washing.

If you can’t always swap out face towels, our blue acne LED light therapy devices will also kill acne-causing bacteria on your face.

Golden rule: trash towels every couple years.

If the towel is properly taken care of, the lifespan of the towel can range. Although if the towel is used regularly, it may need to be replaced every 2 years.

Towel care best practices and how to wash towels

  • Wash body towels together. Food for thought: don’t wash with that bacteria-laden towel you used to clean dog pee or with the jeans with the caked-on cow feces.
  • When washing towels, never use fabric softeners, as the waxy buildup can deteriorate the fibers and decrease towel absorbency.
  • Wash with hot water, which can help kill some germs.
  • If you must re-use any towels, be sure to hang-dry them on a rack or towel hooks so your towels become fully dry. The slightest dampness can result in mildew or mold and cause illness.
  • We’re not saying don’t use health club towels. But it wouldn’t hurt to use your own.


The only thing you should be sharing is this article. Not germs.

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