Can You Use Retinol with Red Light Therapy LED Products?

Can You Use Retinol with Red Light Therapy LED Products

Are you looking to double-time your anti-aging powers by coupling Retinol and LED light therapy lights? Let’s iron out the wrinkles on the best protocol when using two anti-aging sources.

Retinol has been used in the skin care industry for many years as it has been proven to promote cell turnover and prevents the breakdown of collagen. This level of cream is suggested to be applied topically at night due to its chemical properties. While your body is at rest, skin cells begin to turn over, making way for new cells. When Retinol is applied topically, it encourages the natural process. Here’s the catch. This compound, while extremely powerful, is not compatible with the sun, artificial lighting, and even LED lights.

Woah, wait. Can you still use Retinol while using reVive Light Therapy products?

Yes. But keep in mind if Retinol is applied BEFORE light therapy use your skin may react. Retinol can safely be used after light therapy. If you are using Retinol and would like to use LED Light Therapy, follow our guide below:

  1. Cleanse your face gently and thoroughly
  2. Pat dry
  3. Apply SPF-free moisturizer *SPF moisturizers block light from penetrating the skin.
  4. Use reVive LED Light Therapy for directed use time
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes
  6. Apply Retinol product. We suggest this sequence happens at night to comply with the Retinol’s light sensitivity and cell turnover factor.

Note that these are suggestions provided by reVive Light Therapy. We strongly encourage you to speak with your dermatologist regarding the use of LED light therapy with your skin care routine, as some Retinol creams are stronger than others.

What are you waiting for? Get your LED light therapy device and turn back the clock.


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    I am just curious. Why is it a must to wait for 5-10 minutes to apply retinol products? Does this rule apply to other normal skin care products like serums or creams? Thank you.

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