Can Red/Infrared LED Light Therapy Fade Stretch Marks?

Can LED Light Therapy Fade Stretch Marks?

Short answer: Red/Infrared (IR) LED light therapy is not meant to treat or fade stretch marks.

Hey, remember when you were just a little tiny nugget of a human and then you grew? And grew, and grew, and gr….
You may have grown so fast that your skin wasn’t ready for the changes and left you with stretch marks. If you’re scrambling to find the magical cure on how to get rid of your stretch marks, you might not like what you’re about to read.

Sorry folks, LED light therapy cannot fade stretch marks.

While some believe that Red LED light therapy is the one-stop-shop for perfect skin, it just can’t repair skin that has been stretched to its limit. Red LED light therapy penetrates deep within the skin’s layers to stimulate cellular repair and increase circulation to promote vibrant, healthy looking skin. The light is ultimately smoothing line lines and wrinkles.

Imagine it this way. Have you ever held an old rubber band? Have you ever tried to make that rubber band become tight and brand new again? How successful were you? Not to sound pessimistic, but you probably failed. BIG TIME.

If you’re trying to use Red LED light therapy on stretch marks, it would be a huge waste of time, and we’re not into wasting your time. Instead, we suggest reaching out to your doctor on better methods of fading your stretch marks. But until then, love the skin you’re in because honey, you rock it.

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