Could your love for the sun prolong your acne?


Do you have an on-again-off-again relationship with the sun? From adoring its warmth and summer time vibes to hating it for the sun damage and skin aging tendencies… it’s time to break up with the sun.

For those that suffer from acne and believe the sun can zap away facial blemishes, here 3 reasons to ditch the rays and go for the Blue LED lights:


  • Long sun exposures are masking acne problems

    While the bronzed look is hiding red blemishes, your tan is doing more harm than good. Aside from skin cancer itself, the sun decreases the inflammatory response. The redness from blemishes are reduced but that’s no reason to celebrate. The sun suppresses your immune system making it harder for your skin cells to fight off life-threatening cancer cells, and also taking that much longer to clear up acne.

  • Sun tanning = dehydration

    Baking in the sun leads to overall body dehydration. When the skin is dehydrated, it signals the body to produce more oil in the glands. And you know what that means: fresh pimples.

  • Acne scars are not safe

    Long sun exposures lead to hyper pigmentation which means your acne scars can darken, making them appear purple or dark red.

How can Blue LED light therapy be your new beau? Here are 3 reasons to commit to the Blue LED light to clear up acne:


  • Clinically proven to have powerful anti-bacterial properties

    Blue LED light therapy kills the Propionibacterium acnes, also known as P. acnes, and controls the amount of breakouts.

  • Reducing P. acnes leads to less breakouts

    -When the Blue LED light is shone on the inflamed areas, oil glands shrink thus leading to less oil and bacteria, clearing up the skin.

  • No harmful UV rays

    Unlike the sun, which emits harmful UVA/UVB rays that damage skin, our Blue LED light therapy devices are non-UV blue lights within the spectrum which have also been FDA cleared.

Stop listening to the sweet nothings the sun tells you. Here’s to a happy and healthy skin relationship.

Be another skin success story and give Blue LED light therapy a chance.
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