Two woman using oral care and wrinkle reduction LED light therapy products.

How Light Therapy Works

LED light therapy offers a range of beauty and wellness applications with few, if any, side effects and the convenience of home use. In a society used to treating ailments with pills, serums, and injections, a noninvasive LED solution for wrinkles, acne and pain can seem too good to be true. Its apparent simplicity leads many people to ask how light therapy works.

Initially developed by NASA to grow plants and then to mitigate bone and muscle loss in astronauts, light therapy has come a long way. The technology evolved to professionally administered treatments by dermatologists and physical therapists, and now “over the counter” FDA-cleared light therapy devices that people can use to treat a wide range of issues in the comfort of their own homes.

Choosing Your Color of LED Light Therapy Different Wavelengths Penetrate to Different Depths

Researchers have identified the specific wavelengths of light that exert different effects on the cells of the body. Longer light waves, toward the red and infrared end of the spectrum, penetrate more deeply, while shorter waves at the blue end work closer to the surface.

Home light therapy devices produce these wavelengths with high power LED light micro-chips. They eliminate the harmful and non-productive light wavelengths, such as the UV rays present in sunlight, and deliver concentrated doses of only the effective light.

Research and clinical studies have demonstrated dramatic effects in pain relief, injury recovery, acne treatment and anti-aging treatment with light therapy. Review the main categories of light therapy devices for at-home treatment below. Or for a more detailed look at the research behind this technology, view our science of light therapy page.

Wrinkle Reduction Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy (Clinical)

Anti-Aging Treatment

Infrared light and red light work in combination to create a regenerating effect in aging skin. These light waves penetrate deep into the dermis layers, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and helping cells reproduce faster. The result is the general reduction and reversal of fine lines and wrinkles along with firmer, plumper skin texture. Red and infrared LED light also provides a soothing effect to the external layers of skin, enhancing natural coloration while reducing the signs of aging due to blemishes, sun and age spots.

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Acne Treatment LED Blue Light Therapy (Clinical) - OG

Acne Treatment

Blue light has demonstrated the ability to target and destroy bacteria that reside on or in the dermis layers of skin. It has been long documented that UV light kills acne but also delivers negative effects, like premature aging and the risk of skin cancer. Non-UV blue LED light produces the same antibacterial effects of UV light without the damaging effects of the skin structure.

reVive Light Therapy® incorporates Deep Penetrating Light (dpl®) technology into our blue light products as well, which allows our light to penetrate deeper into the skin structure and treat bacteria that reside at a depth that traditional acne treatment topicals can’t reach.

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Pain Relief LED - Infrared and Red - Light Therapy (Clinical) - OG

Pain Relief and Recovery

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye but has demonstrated the highest level of natural healing effects in the body’s cellular structure. Combined with red light and our dpl® technology, infrared reaches deep into joints and tissues and generates increased circulation, oxygenation, cellular repair and reproduction. Results include the removal of toxins, unwanted cellular matter and a general temporary pain relief of associated effects like muscle and joint aches, arthritis and tendonitis, and muscle spasms. Additional benefits include an increased rate of injury recovery and wound healing.

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dpl Oral Care Red and Blue LED Light Therapy Device

Tooth and Gum Care

As in other applications, red light can penetrate the gum tissue to stimulate cell turnover and circulation. The results are healthier gums, relief of oral pain, and fresher breath. At the same time, blue light kills bacteria and can even increase the effectiveness of whitening strips and gels. Healthier gums not only help teeth look better and last longer, and also contribute to better overall health.

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How reVive Light Therapy® and dpl® Devices Work

reVive Light Therapy® and dpl® continuously work to refine the technology behind our FDA-cleared Class II medical devices. Our LED light therapy devices have been engineered to medical grade specifications and are safe for all skin types. Our Deep Penetrating Light (dpl®) technology, working from the inside out to penetrate deeper, enhances the body’s cell repair mechanism.

We are able to situate enough LEDs into a small area to design devices in all sizes and shapes, including handheld and book-style, making them convenient for any use. We have even developed flexible wraps that contain lights, allowing the user to target any part of the body comfortably. We listen to our users and follow the scientific research to find any ways in which to improve our LED devices and remain the leaders in at-home light therapy.

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