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How to Care for Your LED Light Therapy Device

Young woman using a handheld blue LED light therapy device on her face.

Any skin or body treatment requires careful research, as you want to take good care of yourself. This applies to LED devices as well. There are many light therapy options for beauty and pain treatment available, but you need to go with the best device for your needs. And once you have that device, it’s […]

Light Therapy Devices Shopping Guide – Find the Best LED Products for Home Use

reVive Sonique red light therapy device with shower gel.

At-home LED light therapy devices have two main applications: for skincare, and for pain relief. The benefits depend on the color or light spectrum. Red, near-infrared and infrared wavelengths can stimulate cell regeneration and cell metabolism to help reduce wrinkles or other signs of aging. Blue light offers antibacterial action that helps treat acne, pimples, […]

How Light Therapy Works

How Light Therapy Works LED light therapy offers a range of beauty and wellness applications with few, if any, side effects and the convenience of home use. In a society used to treating ailments with pills, serums, and injections, a noninvasive LED solution for wrinkles, acne and pain can seem too good to be true. […]

Can You Overdo LED Light Therapy Treatments?

Woman washing her face in the mirror.

*Updated 4/24/2020 With any newer health and wellness technology, users tend to ask smart questions about the benefits and risks. While LED light therapy has been developing for decades, home light therapy devices are a more recent trend—and one that’s here to stay. No longer do you need to visit a spa or doctor’s office […]

Deep Penetrating Light – What It Means

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Being a pioneer in a relatively young industry is quite a task to take on. Good news is our company has a fearless spirit and a desire to shape the future of LED light therapy. Is there too much wind in our hair? Because of our exploratory nature, we have innovated and delivered new LED […]

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your reVive Light Therapy Device

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Getting more bang for your buck is the goal in every purchase, right? We’ve come up with 4 ways to amplify your reVive® Light Therpy experience. Track progress with before and after photos Before you light up your device, snap a few photos of your face. We recommend a clean, no makeup look with a […]

The Science of LED Light Therapy Technology

The Science of LED Light Therapy Technology Initially developed by NASA to grow plants in space, light therapy evolved to professionally administered wellness applications, and then to over the counter FDA-cleared devices, like those available from reVive Light Therapy®️ and dpl®️. Thanks to the availability of this technology, you can now treat wrinkles, pain, acne […]