Winter Skin Series: DIY Oat Bath

Oat Bath

If you’ve ever lived in a state with a traditional winter, you may recall the following:

  • Bone-chilling air
  • Chapped and brittle skin
  • Gloomy days with nowhere to go
  • Never-ending supply of space heaters

We have a solution to combat all the winter-woes above and it’s called an oat bath.

If you’ve never bathed in water full of oats, then you’re missing out. We’re all about trying new ways to keep our skin healthy, glowing, and supple. This winter, grab a bag full of oats and draw yourself a bath because it’s about to get oat-y.

Why use oats in your next bath?

Oats have been used for beauty and skin care for many centuries and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and lipids. When your body soaks in the oat’s milky substance, the oats provide moisture back to your skin, allowing it to hydrate and keep a healthy glow.

Who would have thought soaking in a tub full of milky oats could give your skin these benefits?

  • Added moisture
  • Buffering to reveal smoother skin
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Soothing properties

How to use oats in your bath

There are many methods to adding oats in your bath but we find this to be the simplest way. It’s also easy to clean-up.

What you’ll need:

  • Bag of whole oats
  • Muslin bag, sock, coffee filter, or pantyhose
  • Access to hot water
  • A bathtub


  • Place whole oats in muslin bag or pantyhose
  • Tie off the bag securely
  • Drop the bag into your hot bath water
  • Soak in your oat bath for 15-20 minutes

Continue the relaxation after your bath by treating your skin to LED light therapy. Use your light therapy devices after your soak. You can cause serious damage to yourself and surroundings if you pair electronics and water together. Pat dry your skin and seal in the moisture with your favorite moisturizer. Then, curl up in your fuzzy robe and treat yourself to glowing skin.

When the weather outside is frightful and there’s no place to go, use the time to achieve moisturized, healthy looking skin.


Health & Beauty Tips

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