Vitamin C Serum and Anti-Aging: 3 Secrets You Need to Know

Vitamin C Serum for Skin

If your #skingoals include reducing fine lines, stimulating collagen production, or fading hyperpigmentation, then this is the blog for you. Aside from LED light therapy, we’ve got another anti-aging trick up our sleeve. Say hello to Vitamin C serum!

It’s easy to fall for gimmick-y anti-aging routines, but when you’re well informed of products that truly work, you’ll establish a solid anti-aging regimen and see unprecedent results. After a certain age, your skin gradually stops producing collagen. Vitamin C serum can help with that.

Wondering how Vitamin C serum can prevent aging skin? Consider these 3 Vitamin C serum secrets:

Potency matters

A quick search for Vitamin C serums will result in an overwhelming amount of results. Pick just any one and you’ll be good to go, right? Maybe not. The higher the potency of Vitamin C, the better the product. Going straight for the good stuff, L-ascorbic acid, which is up to 20% of Vitamin C will be the best bang for your buck. Higher potency means optimal absorption.

Collagen stimulant

Much like our LED lights, Vitamin C has proven its ability to promote collagen growth. When applied topically, Vitamin C serums interacts with amino acids within collagen cells by providing hydrogen and oxygen to encourage collagen production.

Dark spots be gone

Correcting dark spots or hyperpigmentation from acne or sun damage is a cosmetic agenda many people have when it comes to their skin. Thankfully, Vitamin C has shown positive results in fading these concerns. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C prevents melanin production and only targets the hyperpigmentation areas without over-brightening the rest of your skin.


Are you thinking about adding Vitamin C to your daily anti-aging skin care routine? Come back and tell us about the before-and-after experience. We bet you’ll have something to show us. #getglowing with Vitamin C today.

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