4 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Straws Once and For All

Straws damage the environment and straws damage you.

They may be convenient, but they’re evil. After reading this article we’re hoping you’ll be thoroughly horrified and telling everyone in your life that you’re giving up straws for good.

First, you should know people use a boatload of straws. The NPS says Americans alone use 500 million drinking straws daily. DAILY.

And here are the reasons you should give up straws.

  • Duck face can cause fine lines around upper and lower lips.
    At reVive Light Therapy, we make beauty products. So let’s talk wrinkles. Sucking from a straw causes the lips to be in a state of pursing, which invites premature wrinkling to settle in, especially when the expression is repeated. Oh? What’s that? You’re on the Forehead Scrunch Police? The Lip Line Task Force is in dire need of your help. Here’s a helpful sentencing: daily usage of reVive Light Therapy anti-aging devices. Our lights stimulate collagen and plump skin back up, making wrinkles less severe. Lip wrinkles from straws be gone!Check this out. 500 million straws per day * 365 days / 325 million Americans * 6 sips per 20oz, the typical medium-sized fountain drink (we’re being ultra conservative by assuming you always take large, brain-freezing, dying-of-thirst sized sips) = you purse your lips 3,369 times per year—or nearly 10 times every day.*
  • Air into intestines = unpleasantness.
    Drinking through a straw makes you swallow air, which can cause stomach bloating, digestion issues, uncomfortable abdominal cramping, and… the last part in the process. The part where the air escapes, when you’re in a job interview or on a first date. THE STRAW CAUSED THAT.
  • Want artificial teeth? Use straws! 🙂
    Drinking through straws blasts teeth with staining liquids and chemicals which break down enamel. By the way, contrary to what certain toothpaste or mouthwash ads may have you believe, damage to tooth enamel is permanent. Your body can’t rebuild tooth enamel since no living cells are found within enamel. If you like straws, you should get used to the idea of dental veneers or dentures. What’s up George Washington? We see you. If you want to preserve your teeth them you should stop consuming beverages with a straw because your oral health is directly connected to your overall health.
  • Straws are damaging to oceanic wildlife.
    News flash: Many plastic straws are not recyclable. And what happens to straws once they’ve been used? Many end up in the ocean where they threaten natural habitats. It takes plastic a bazillion years to fully decompose. Straws are found all the time in stomachs of whales, piercing sea turtles’ nostrils, and disrupting the natural beauty of our oceans.

Bottom line: stop using straws.

*Pro tip: If you’ve used one too many straws, reVive’s LED Light Therapy devices use scientifically-proven technology to help reverse those pesky lines using infrared and other specific wavelengths of light. Ch-ch-check it out here.

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