Winter Skin Series: Light Therapy for Radiant Skin

Light Therapy for Radiant Skin

Welcome back to another Winter Skin Series. It’s the second full week of December and we are about to heat things up with more tips on how to keep your skin glowing all season long. It’s easy to neglect your skin when you’re bundled up. But trust us- Summer skin is prepared in the Winter. […]

Holiday Foods and Their Effects on the Skin

Holiday Foods

With the family and friends that gather during the holidays comes lots and lots of food. And usually a lot of alcohol too. Some of these foods can seriously wreak havoc on your skin. From breakouts to wrinkles, the holidays seriously have it all. Problem Holiday Foods Most holiday foods aren’t great for you, but […]

Winter Skin Series: DIY Oat Bath

Oat Bath

If you’ve ever lived in a state with a traditional winter, you may recall the following: Bone-chilling air Chapped and brittle skin Gloomy days with nowhere to go Never-ending supply of space heaters We have a solution to combat all the winter-woes above and it’s called an oat bath. If you’ve never bathed in water […]

4 Ways Vitamin E Oil Will Boost Your Anti-Aging Efforts

Vitamin E for Anti-Aging

With all the vitamins trying to get your attention on your grocer’s shelf, how do you know which one will help you achieve a youthful, glowing look? “What does this vitamin do?” and “How will this help me?” may flood your mind while selecting a vitamin. We’ve all been there. It’s an overwhelming part of […]

How You Can Effortlessly Get Rid of Your Blackheads With LED Light Therapy

dpl IIa for blackheads

We’re always writing about clear, youthful skin and how to achieve such a look. But what about understanding the little imperfections our skin makes? Take blackheads for example. Not many people, or companies for that matter, bring up blackheads, and yet, it’s a skin concern some people struggle with. Achieving clear skin shouldn’t only revolve […]

How the Appearance of Your Skin Can Influence Your Mental Well-Being

How Your Appearance Influences Mental Well Being

It’s the morning of your big event. You have so much to look forward to: the hair, the makeup, the dress of your dreams, the photo opportunities. Everything you’ve planned is coming together and it’s time to celebrate. You’re feeling confident and absolutely nothing can bring you dow- is that a ZIT? How your appearance […]

Can a Mushroom Really Give You Wrinkle Free Skin?

Reishi Mushroom

When we shared our LED light therapy devices with the world, it was because we were tired of skin care products’ sweet nothings. Especially when it came to anti-aging regimens. No matter how closely we stuck to the protocol, little to no improvement was made in the wrinkle reduction department. You’d think we swore off […]

World Arthritis Day

Flex Mitt

We tip our hats and nod our heads to those living with the pain of Arthritis. October 12th is internationally recognized as World Arthritis Day. While we wish we had a cure, we’d like to help bring awareness to the topic and offer a noninvasive treatment option to ease symptoms. What is Arthritis? According to […]

Vitamin C Serum and Anti-Aging: 3 Secrets You Need to Know

Vitamin C Serum for Skin

If your #skingoals include reducing fine lines, stimulating collagen production, or fading hyperpigmentation, then this is the blog for you. Aside from LED light therapy, we’ve got another anti-aging trick up our sleeve. Say hello to Vitamin C serum! It’s easy to fall for gimmick-y anti-aging routines, but when you’re well informed of products that […]

3 Ways LED Light Therapy Differs From a Tanning Bed

3 Ways LED Light Therapy Differs From a Tanning Bed

We know you’re a smart, health conscious individual who doesn’t need another skin safety talk, but in case you need a refresher, read up on our earlier post on sun tanning. We’ve noticed a trend in consumers wondering if shining LED light therapy on their skin could result in cancer like a tanning bed. There are […]