Holiday Foods and Their Effects on the Skin

Holiday Foods

With the family and friends that gather during the holidays comes lots and lots of food. And usually a lot of alcohol too. Some of these foods can seriously wreak havoc on your skin. From breakouts to wrinkles, the holidays seriously have it all.

Problem Holiday Foods

Most holiday foods aren’t great for you, but that’s why we only indulge once a year! Snacking on cheese cubes and mini ham slice appetizers can lead to an overdose on protein. This can cause thicker lymphatic fluid, which ultimately leads to darker and puffier under eye areas.

We know that desserts aren’t really that good for you, and you should pick healthier options like fruit or dark chocolate, but during the holidays you may choose to indulge in some sweets. Sugar breaks down and can cause loss of skin elasticity and an increase in wrinkles. Obviously, a few pieces of cake to celebrate this beautiful time of the year isn’t going to ruin your skin for life, but it’s something to take into consideration.

Most of us also know that alcohol and salty snacks aren’t awesome for your skin, because they both cause dehydration. Salty snacks specifically cause bloating and puffy skin. Most alcohol contains a lot of sugar, which, again, can lead to premature aging.  We all tend to consume a lot more dairy during this time of the year as well. Dairy has hormones in it that increase oil production and can lead to breakouts.

How You Can Help Your Skin?

The first part of helping your skin be less affected by holiday foods is to avoid things that cause problems in the first place. But, since it is the holidays, you shouldn’t have to restrict yourself from eating all the fun and delicious foods. Try to limit them as much as possible.

Trade out some of those cheese cube appetizers for veggie sticks. Be careful with the veggie dip, though, as they typically contain a lot of fat. You can also snack on peanuts and almonds. As for desserts, of course you’re going to have a piece of cake or pie, but try and limit your desserts to at the very most once a night. If possible, try replacing some of those desserts with fruit, sorbet or even a ‘skinny’ version of whatever you’re trying to eat. Try to limit how much alcohol you drink at the dinner table; both your waistline and your skin will thank you. Make sure you are drinking as much water as possible to limit the bloating and puffiness seen with dehydration.

Even if you have already overindulged and are now seeing (and feeling) the effects, there’s still some things you can do. To begin with, make sure you’re washing your face every morning and night, and applying a moisturizer after every wash. Get back into your usual skincare routine that may have been thrown aside during this busy time of the year.

Next, you can pick out some products that are specifically created for the problems you are experiencing. You can find serums and creams and gels for just about any problem, from wrinkles to puffiness. Evaluate your skin and figure out your top problems, then head to the skincare section of your nearest beauty store and get to work.

A great option to explore is light therapy. Using an at-home light therapy product can really help your skin. It helps to reverse some of the effects seen from holiday food, like puffiness, premature wrinkles and aging, and even dull looking skin. It helps even your overall skin tone and create a brighter, younger looking you, which is essential after all this holiday partying.

The holidays can make your skin cry for help, but making good choices and taking care of your skin before, after and during can make all the difference.