4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Light Therapy Device

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Getting more bang for your buck is the goal in every purchase, right? We’ve come up with 4 ways to amplify your light therapy experience.

1. Track progress with before and after photos

Before you light up your device, snap a few photos of your face. We recommend a clean, no makeup look with a headshot and profile photos for each side. After 4 weeks of consistent light therapy use, repeat the photo process. After 12 weeks of consistent use, take another round of photos then compare the differences.

Because our lights are noninvasive and work from the inside out, changes to your skin such as the fading of acne or the decreasing of wrinkles may be gradual. But you’ll be happy you tracked your progress, because changes are noticeable!

2. Set a Reminder

You’re busy. How does a busy person find time to ‘reVive’ their skin? By setting a daily reminder, of course. Set an alert on your phone to make sure you’re getting in your daily skin rejuvenation. Light therapy works best on a consistent basis. Schedule out those light therapy sessions.

3. Speed Up the Process

If you’re interested in faster results, give green tea extract lotion a try. According to American Chemical Society, pairing “LED light therapy with green tea extract works 10 times faster than a similar anti-wrinkle treatment that uses LEDs alone.” One influencer, Beauty by Anne-Marie, pairs white tea extracts with her device.

4. Use Multiple Times a Day

Unlike other skin care routines, light therapy can be used multiple times a day. As long as your skin shows no light sensitivity reactions (very uncommon) and your schedule allows it, light therapy may be your best kept secret for youthful, clear skin. If you need to zap a zit pronto, #getglowing with that light therapy and watch it fade away with each treatment. Have an event to attend later in the week? Shine that light as much as your heart desires.

Let’s face it. You’ve been searching for ways to better your light therapy experience. The internet wasn’t much help… until now. Start getting the most out of your lights today. Which tip do you find most helpful? Share with us in the comments below or tag us on Twitter @reViveLight.

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