How the Appearance of Your Skin Can Influence Your Mental Well-Being

How Your Appearance Influences Mental Well Being

It’s the morning of your big event. You have so much to look forward to: the hair, the makeup, the dress of your dreams, the photo opportunities. Everything you’ve planned is coming together and it’s time to celebrate. You’re feeling confident and absolutely nothing can bring you dow- is that a ZIT?

How your appearance impacts your self-confidence falls on a spectrum. Some people may be affected more than others. Understanding how psychology and appearance is linked can help you identify how you’re feeling and ways to cope with an unexpected blemish.

Psychodermatology: the mind behind the skin.

Psychodermatology is a relatively new concentration studying the link between mind and skin.

Kristina G. Gorbatenko-Roth, PhD, featured in “The Link Between Skin and Psychology”, notes “The skin is the most noticeable part of our body that could be impacted by psychological factors….” How clear and youthful our skin looks may reflect how we view and values ourselves. Inconsistent skin changes could trigger inconsistent, stressful emotions. Professionals recommend working with a dermatologist and a psychiatrist to manage skin issues on a physical and mental level.

Stopping the cycle

While professional help to manage a serious situation can be the best route, here are 5 simple coping habits you can apply in the moment for when you’re feeling down about the way your skin looks.

  • Breathe
    • When we find ourselves in stressful situations, very rarely do we stop to take in a deep, cleansing breath. Breathing has the power to change your state of mind and clam you down.
  • Acceptance
    • Realizing that you may not have total control of how your skin reacts before a big event or in your everyday life will be the first step in accepting an acne flare-up or a breakout.
  • Make a plan
    • Once accepting that you’re experiencing a breakout, come up with a plan on how you’re going to move forward. Will you apply a cold compress to soothe the redness? Will you treat yourself to light therapy? Find out what you can control. Hint: complaining about it won’t make the problem go away.
  • Focus on the big picture
    • Shift your thoughts on the main event, the person being celebrated, or the philanthropic theme. These people or ideas being recognized are looking to you to show your full support.

Stay Positive

Acne will come and go and with each flare-up or breakout, you will learn better and healthier ways to manage your stress. Just remember your current situation is not your final destination.


Health & Beauty Tips

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