7 Beauty Hacks for Coconut Oil

coo coo for coconut oil

That jar of coconut oil sitting in your pantry is about to be gone.

A long time ago, coconut oil was a random cooking aid your great grandma swore by. Now, coconut oil has taken on a life of its own by appearing not only in the kitchen, but the bathroom, gym bag, and travel kit. This stuff not only makes food taste good, but helps your natural beauty shine through. (Ugh, can we get more cliché?)

Coconut oil has many beauty benefits but we are going to spill our 7 favorites. After reading this article, you’re going to want to try them yourself.


Coconut oil is a life saver for your hair. It can be used in the shower as a conditioner, hair growth promoter, tame frizz, and act as a lice prevention mechanism. After shampooing, use the coconut oil to coat the ends of your hair then massaging the oil into your scalp. Then slap on a shower cap for an hour to let the oil do its thing. Rinse out and voila- beautifully conditioned hair that smells bomb, too.


Shaving cream

Two shower uses for coconut oil?! Scoop out some coconut from the jar, warm up between your palms and smooth out on dry or wet skin.Grab your handy dandy razor to remove the pesky stubble.


Body moisturizer

After your shower (or bath), pat dry then warm up the coconut oil between your palms and slather on like you would a traditional lotion. Plus, you’ll smell like an island goddess.


Makeup remover

Do you have different makeup removing products for different types of makeup? Coconut oil will remove all kinds of makeup from your body. Yes, even waterproof mascara. Coconut oil is a cost effective way to remove makeup from your skin.


Prevent split ends

If you must skip a hair appointment, use coconut oil to save your ends until you can see your stylist. While your hair is dry, warm up the coconut oil between your palms and run the oil through the ends. This will help protect hair from splitting.


Oil pulling

Put a halt to your halitosis and try swishing around coconut oil in your mouth. Swish for up to 20 minutes then spit the oil out in the trash can (not the sink!). Oil pulling may help detoxify the body of chemicals and help strengthen gums.


Lip scrub

Exfoliate your lips with a healthier alternative. Just by mixing coconut oil and brown sugar, you can create a thick consistency- perfect for a scrub. Once you’ve exfoliated, wash off the scrub, pat dry, and lock in moisture with coconut oil to prevent chapped lips.

Do you have any other coconut beauty tips? Let us know in the comments below how you use coconut oil as part of your beauty regimen.

Dangers of LED Light Therapy

reVive light therapy device

There are certain things you can overdo in life- LED light therapy isn’t one of them.

But there are some things you should be aware of.

When it comes to skin care, the less-is-more approach seems to be the common theme. However, there is one skin care treatment that responds well to multiple daily usage. Enter: reVive Light Therapy. You might think over using LED light therapies would set you back in your #skingoals but in reality, using it more than once a day will get you the results you want.

If you were to consistently over wash your face, you’d be stripping your skin of natural oils, drying out faster, and… *gasp* creating more reasons for your skin to breakout.

But when using reVive Light Therapy devices, you’re not harming your skin’s surface. Instead, the epidermis is stimulated to generate cellular repair and increased blood circulation. In other words, the LED lights are helping your skin achieve a more vibrant, youthful, and even complexion. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re interested in using reVive LED light therapy device more than once a day, keep these tips in mind:

  • For those with a fair complexion, skin might be sensitive around LED lights. We encourage those with this skin type to run a baseline test for no more than three minutes. If there is no reaction for 24 hours, we recommend adjusting the treatment time to accommodate the type of skin.
  • With extreme acne, the ability to use the Blue LED light therapy treatment can range from back to back or morning and evening routines. As long as there is no irritation resulting in redness or rashes, acne sufferers can use the device multiple times throughout the day.
  • Maintenance and consistency are key when correcting acne or reducing wrinkles.
  • By taking a photo of the treated area the day you start using reVive Light Therapy, to the weeks after, you will be amazed by how much has changed. reVive Light Therapy works from the inside out, is noninvasive, and is a gradual process.

It takes years to develop acne and wrinkles. Our devices are designed to help you eradicate these imperfections in weeks.

Let us know in the comments below how often you reVive your skin. If you’re interested in signing up for our Before and After program, see our contact form to get started.

3 Reasons to Break Up With Sun Tanning and Go for Blue LED Lights

Break Up with the sun

Could your love for the sun prolong your acne?


Do you have an on-again-off-again relationship with the sun? From adoring its warmth and summer time vibes to hating it for the sun damage and skin aging tendencies… it’s time to break up with the sun.

For those that suffer from acne and believe the sun can zap away facial blemishes, here 3 reasons to ditch the rays and go for the Blue LED lights:


  • Long sun exposures are masking acne problems

    While the bronzed look is hiding red blemishes, your tan is doing more harm than good. Aside from skin cancer itself, the sun decreases the inflammatory response. The redness from blemishes are reduced but that’s no reason to celebrate. The sun suppresses your immune system making it harder for your skin cells to fight off life-threatening cancer cells, and also taking that much longer to clear up acne.

  • Sun tanning = dehydration

    Baking in the sun leads to overall body dehydration. When the skin is dehydrated, it signals the body to produce more oil in the glands. And you know what that means: fresh pimples.

  • Acne scars are not safe

    Long sun exposures lead to hyper pigmentation which means your acne scars can darken, making them appear purple or dark red.

How can Blue LED light therapy be your new beau? Here are 3 reasons to commit to the Blue LED light to clear up acne:


  • Clinically proven to have powerful anti-bacterial properties

    Blue LED light therapy kills the Propionibacterium acnes, also known as P. acnes, and controls the amount of breakouts.

  • Reducing P. acnes leads to less breakouts

    -When the Blue LED light is shone on the inflamed areas, oil glands shrink thus leading to less oil and bacteria, clearing up the skin.

  • No harmful UV rays

    Unlike the sun, which emits harmful UVA/UVB rays that damage skin, our Blue LED light therapy devices are non-UV blue lights within the spectrum which have also been FDA cleared.

Stop listening to the sweet nothings the sun tells you. Here’s to a happy and healthy skin relationship.

Be another skin success story and give Blue LED light therapy a chance.
Shop our acne line.


Can Red/Infrared LED Light Therapy Fade Stretch Marks?

Can LED Light Therapy Fade Stretch Marks?

Short answer: Red/Infrared (IR) LED light therapy is not meant to treat or fade stretch marks.

Hey, remember when you were just a little tiny nugget of a human and then you grew? And grew, and grew, and gr….
You may have grown so fast that your skin wasn’t ready for the changes and left you with stretch marks. If you’re scrambling to find the magical cure on how to get rid of your stretch marks, you might not like what you’re about to read.

Sorry folks, LED light therapy cannot fade stretch marks.

While some believe that Red LED light therapy is the one-stop-shop for perfect skin, it just can’t repair skin that has been stretched to its limit. Red LED light therapy penetrates deep within the skin’s layers to stimulate cellular repair and increase circulation to promote vibrant, healthy looking skin. The light is ultimately smoothing line lines and wrinkles.

Imagine it this way. Have you ever held an old rubber band? Have you ever tried to make that rubber band become tight and brand new again? How successful were you? Not to sound pessimistic, but you probably failed. BIG TIME.

If you’re trying to use Red LED light therapy on stretch marks, it would be a huge waste of time, and we’re not into wasting your time. Instead, we suggest reaching out to your doctor on better methods of fading your stretch marks. But until then, love the skin you’re in because honey, you rock it.

Toggle Your Wet, Bacteria-Laden Bath Towels — Your Personal Hygiene Will Thank You

Toggle Your Towels for All Around Cleaner Skin

Uncovering the dirty truth behind towel usage, care, and storage for your best skin.

You wouldn’t use your daily toothbrush to clean your toilet, would you? Of course not!

So why would you use the same bath towel for all your body parts? It may look clean, but that doesn’t mean you should use the “one towel, three uses” method.

Golden rule: designate separate towels for your face, hands, hair, and body.

While soap is a major contributor to killing viruses and bacteria, the hand towel collects dust, oil, moisture and germs. When you use that towel to dry your face, you’re transferring the grossness too. And you wonder where those random acne breakouts come from…

Remember: to avoid breakouts, designate separate towels for your face, hands, hair, and body.

Golden rule: wash towels often.

Change your hand towels at least every two days. Swap out your face towels after every use. Body/bath towels are durable and can withstand up to three uses before washing.

Golden rule: trash towels every couple years.

If the towel is properly taken care of, the lifespan of the towel can range. Although if the towel is used regularly, it may need to be replaced every 2 years.

Towel care best practices and how to wash towels

  • Wash body towels together. Food for thought: don’t wash with that bacteria-laden towel you used to clean dog pee or with the jeans with the caked-on cow feces.
  • When washing towels, never use fabric softeners, as the waxy buildup can deteriorate the fibers and decrease towel absorbency.
  • Wash with hot water, which can help kill some germs.
  • If you must re-use any towels, be sure to hang-dry them on a rack or towel hooks so your towels become fully dry. The slightest dampness can result in mildew or mold and cause illness.
  • We’re not saying don’t use health club towels. But it wouldn’t hurt to use your own.


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That’s the Last Straw! 4 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Straws Once and For All

That's the last straw!

Straws damage the environment, and straws damage you.

They may be convenient, but they’re evil. After reading this article we’re hoping you’ll be thoroughly horrified and telling everyone in your life that you’re giving up straws for good.

First, you should know people use a crapton of straws. The NPS says Americans alone use 500 million drinking straws daily. DAILY.

And here are the reasons you should give up straws.

  • Duck face can cause fine lines around upper and lower lips.
    At reVive Light Therapy, we make beauty products. So let’s talk wrinkles. Sucking from a straw causes the lips to be in a state of pursing, which invites premature wrinkling to settle in, especially when the expression is repeated. Oh? What’s that? You’re on the Forehead Scrunch Police? The Lip Line Task Force is in dire need of your help.
    Check this out. 500 million straws per day * 365 days / 325 million Americans * 6 sips per 20oz, the typical medium-sized fountain drink (we’re being ultra conservative by assuming you always take large, brain-freezing, dying-of-thirst sized sips) = you purse your lips 3,369 times per year—or nearly 10 times every day.*
  • Air into intestines = unpleasantness.
    Drinking through a straw makes you swallow air, which can cause stomach bloating, digestion issues, uncomfortable abdominal cramping, and… the last part in the process. The part where the air escapes, when you’re in a job interview or on a first date. THE STRAW CAUSED THAT.
  • Want artificial teeth? Use straws! 🙂
    Drinking through straws blasts teeth with staining liquids and chemicals which break down enamel. By the way, contrary to what certain toothpaste or mouthwash ads may have you believe, damage to tooth enamel is permanent. Your body can’t rebuild tooth enamel since no living cells are found within enamel. Sooo if you like straws, you should get used to the idea of dental veneers or dentures. What’s up George Washington? We see you.
  • Straws are damaging to oceanic wildlife.
    News flash: Many plastic straws are not recyclable. And what happens to straws once they’ve been used? Many end up in the ocean where they threaten natural habitats. It takes plastic a bazillion years to fully decompose. Straws are found all the time in stomachs of whales, piercing sea turtles’ nostrils, and disrupting the natural beauty of our oceans.


Stop using straws.


*Pro tip: If you’ve used one too many straws, reVive’s LED Light Therapy devices use scientifically-proven technology to help reverse those pesky lines using infrared and other specific wavelengths of light. Ch-ch-check it out here.

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This anti-aging LED panel makes us want to have a festival of lights at our place. Every. Single. Day. The FDA-cleared device has infrared, red, amber and blue LEDs to plump wrinkles, boost radiance, reverse sun damage, and reduce acne. A monkey could operate it (press once for anti-aging, twice for acne-fighting), and it takes just eight minutes a day. Hallelujah.

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Why So Salty? How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes and Puffy Eyes

Consuming foods with high levels of salt is linked to under-eye bags.

What comes to mind when you read the word “micronutrient”? To most, it’s a foreign word, but to the nutritional community it refers to crucial vitamins and minerals that every human needs in order to function and survive.

Common salt contains sodium, which is a micronutrient essential for human life. But it’s a double-edged sword. Consume too little salt, and you could experience headaches, nausea, muscle cramps, and worse, potentially life-threatening conditions. Consume too much salt, and you’ll experience blood pressure, edema, loss of calcium, and a whole host of other conditions that can also be potentially life-threatening.

Over Indulgence in Salt = Bags Under Eyes

In the beauty realm, excess salt intake is known to cause the body to retain water and bloat, which affects your under eye appearance.

So what’s a person to do? First, examine your diet by recalling what you consumed and referring to the nutrition facts to determine the culprit. Seriously, you have no excuse… Smart phones have made it absurdly easy to track macronutrients and micronutrients with apps like My Fitness Pal, Loseit, Sparkpeople, etc.

It’s also known that processed foods tend to contain too much sodium. Be aware that the frozen food section of your grocer is laced with higher levels of sodium in order to preserve the food for longer periods of time. Additionally, fatty meats, canned beans, and other foods you may not expect can contain high amounts of salt.

So are you serious about getting rid of those puffy eyes? Really serious? Your first step should be to prepare fresh, home-cooked meals.

After that, if you find that salt has still stolen your glow, give these home remedies a try:

  • Drink water. Salt causes the body to be dehydrated which leads to water retention. To de-bloat and de-bag, drink plenty of water.
  • Eat potassium-rich foods. Bananas, avocados, spinach, sweet potato, coconut water, yogurt and other potassium-rich foods will reduce water retention.
  • Drink a diuretic such as no-sugar-added cranberry juice. Cranberry juice will help your body pass excess sodium and water.
  • Apply cool cucumber slices or tea bags over the eyes for 20 minutes daily. The combination of cool + vitamins soothes the skin and reduces swelling of fragile under-eye skin.
  • You can also apply chilled spoons or frozen bags of peas if you’re in a real time-crunch. If you can’t find 20 minutes per day, how about 5 minutes? We know everyone can manage that. Your eyes will respond to the TLC, we promise. 🙂

Most importantly….for Eye’s sake, put down the salt! Also let everyone know in the comments what other life hacks you have for treating under-eye bags!

Other resources:


An Open Letter to Skin

An Open Letter to Skin


They say you should love the skin you’re in.

I am covered in you. You’ve been with me since the beginning of my time. We’ve felt fresh rain drops, we’ve experienced uncomfortable peeling, we grew from pea size to full grown adult, we have been cut, scraped, and bled. We have felt the pain from needles and burns but also felt a loving touch and kisses. We have been through everything together.

To the skin I call “home,” I have been a terrible tenet. I’ve picked, pulled, popped, antagonized, and irritated you. I’ve disrespected you and didn’t think twice. From leaving you unprotected and vulnerable in the sun to neglecting moisturizers, I feel guilty.

As I look back at photos of us, I get a sudden nostalgia. The supple yet firm, clear, undamaged glow is something I relentlessly search for at the bottom of a product bottle; I wish instead I had tended to your needs since day one.

Life is about moving forward. As badly as I wish to reverse my careless ways, I must press on with thoughtful decisions with you in mind.

I only get one you. I will learn ways to keep you healthy. Above all, I will be kind to you. Skin, I see and feel you constantly. It’s time for me to start demonstrating my appreciation for you. I vow to put in the work to see you thrive for the years to come.

Here’s to our newfound journey: the skin project.

LED light therapy is the first step I will take to make sure you’re feeling better than ever. I’ve seen the results; light therapy is medically proven and I know what it can do for us. Red, Amber, and Infrared LED lights will erase the times we spent outside without UV protection. Blue LED lights will destroy the bad bacteria burrowed in your glands to reveal a clearer you. In addition to the lights, I vow to apply moisturizer, sun block, and get enough rest so that you may repair and regenerate healthy cells for a more radiant you. I know this will take time. Nothing is overnight.

But one thing is for sure. I love the skin I’m in, and I will do everything in my power to keep you healthy.