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Hooray for the holidays! Over the next 12 days (December 1st to the 12th), check in to discover must-have light therapy devices at the lowest prices of the year. Whether you’re shopping for your friends, family or significant other — or simply want to treat yourself this season — we have LED skincare and pain relief gift ideas for every special person in your life.

image of stocking with light therapy devices

Day 1: Tuesday, December 1

Stocking stuffers that make holiday shopping easy

We’re kicking off the month with goodies perfect for your most difficult-to-shop-for loved ones. No one is immune to the occasional acne flare-up that always seems to happen at the worst possible time — which is why these portable acne-fighting blue light therapy devices make the ultimate stocking stuffer. Or, what about a gift card? Always a solid option for that someone in your life who’s impossible to shop for. Enjoy deals on our:

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clinical light therapy devices coming out of gift bag

Day 2: Wednesday, December 2

For those who aspire to be at the pinnacle of wellness

Whether it’s acne treatment, wrinkle reduction or pain relief, today we’re shining a light on our clinical line of light therapy devices. With our hand-held, portable devices, it’s never been easier to harness the power of professional-grade technology from the comfort of your own home.

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festive grouping of recommended light therapy devices for travel

Day 3: Thursday, December 3

Gifts for those who are always on the go

You don’t need to be a travel enthusiast to appreciate these travel comfort essentials. The eye mask fights headaches, the slippers calm achy feet, and the neck pillow relieves tense and sore muscles. Whether it’s winding down at home or hopping from flight to flight, these light therapy favorites are remarkably soothing.

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I love the Neck Pillow and Eye Mask. They are both great for any flight. These two devices allow me to relax and enjoy my flight regardless of the length. I don’t fly without either of these devices now!

Garrett N. / Business Development Manager
Essentials Collection and Lip Care

Day 4: Friday, December 4

For the skincare enthusiast who wants to feel fab-yule-ous

And who can blame them? Light up their day with these best-selling light therapy essentials that truly are the gift that keeps on giving. While other skincare products only last as long as the contents of their bottle, our mighty light therapy Lip Care and Essentials Collection can be used time and time again.

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The Essentials Collection – Acne Treatment is a game changer. My face is prone to breakouts especially when wearing a mask. With the Essentials device, I can easily treat multiple breakout areas while relaxing and watching my favorite show. Since using the device, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in breakouts. My skin heals faster too!

Stefanie P. / Marketing Manager

Day 5: Saturday, December 5

You can never go wrong with our all-season sellouts

Here’s one way to easily achieve a holiday glow. These light therapy fan favorites fly off the shelves, but we’ve restocked them just for you.

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I use the Glō – Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging device not just for wrinkles but for my acne scars, it plumps my skin and helps reduce the pitting spots on my face.

Linda S. / Graphic Designer

Day 6: Sunday, December 6

Today is a good day to smile and save…

Because it’s definitely an add-to-cart type of day. The Oral Care helps you achieve healthier gums and enhances your teeth whitening routine, and the Lip Care naturally plumps lips while fighting smile lines. Act fast on these Instagram-favorites, both priced so low, they’re sure to spread smiles all around.

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The dpl® Oral Care device works – it is easy to use and is very effective. I love that in addition to gum health you get the extra bonus of teeth whitening! Cost effective compared to other ways in maintaining gum health and teeth whitening!! Years ago, my dentist felt that I needed to have gum scrapping and cleaning which is both painful and costly. After using the Oral Care Device – I went back for my next 6-month cleaning and my gums were in great shape – no redness or bleeding during the cleaning. Very happy with the results and have not had an issue since. Yay!!

Cheryl B. / Sales Director

Day 7: Monday, December 7

Gifts that will spark joy for your most clean and tidy loved ones

For your friend who has been (lovingly) dubbed as a germaphobe, these convenient sanitation gadgets make the perfect gifts. Germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance against these two powerhouse devices that are scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus.

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Day 8: Tuesday, December 8

For your loved ones who need to pause and relax

Maybe it’s your fitness-fanatic friend who could use post-workout recovery support, or maybe a family member that could use pain relief for their shoulders, knees or back; either way, your loved one’s tired muscles and achy joints will thank you.

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I use the dpl® Flex Pad daily for sciatica pain.It not only relieves the pain during use but has lessened the occurrences of the sciatica pain.

Pam B. / Sales Director

The dpl® Joint Wrap works best for my shoulders! The device provides immediate pain relief after one (1) treatment!!

Evanka S. / Customer Care Specialist

Day 9: Wednesday, December 9

Give the Nüve for those who love that new-new

‘Tis the season to switch to a new and improved skincare system — like the dpl® line of Nüve tools. Friends and family can skip the time-consuming facial appointments next year with this professional-grade line of tools that was developed for doctors and dermatologists. It’s never been easier to achieve that jaw-dropping glow-up now in the comfort of your own home.

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Day 10: Thursday, December 10

For beauty buffs who thought they knew every trick in the book

These award-winning anti-aging tools make a powerful addition to anyone’s vanity table — whether they’re a skincare-savvy pro or newly establishing a skincare routine.

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I love the LookBook because it is easy to use, does not take up a lot of space and is very lightweight. I have noticed significantly less wrinkles throughout my face but specifically my forehead and under eye area.

Devan F. / QA/Regulatory Assistant

I love that the dpl® II gives me a few minutes of quiet and soft warmth while I meditate in the morning. I have noticed a considerable improvement in my décolleté where it is sun damaged. There are fewer spots, and the skin seems more taut.

Angi T. / Customer Service Representative

Day 11: Friday, December 11

Gifts so unique, you can’t get them anywhere else

Take the hard work out of holiday shopping with this skincare steal. The Soniqué line makes it easy to achieve cleaner, clearer skin in mere minutes — ensuring your loved one a very bright and happy 2021. (And here’s an added bonus: the durable, waterproof design can be used in the shower, making it easy for just about anyone to incorporate this into their skincare routine.)

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Day 12: Saturday, December 12

For your friend who’s gotta have the latest and greatest

Save BIG on this revolutionary beauty tool that brings the best of blue light and red light skin therapy into one convenient solution. Tackling two of the largest beauty concerns, acne and anti-aging all at once, this is our number one best-selling device and has secured the title of “Best At-Home Red Light Therapy Device.” It’s exactly what your loved one will be hoping for under the tree.

We’re sorry, the dpl® IIa has SOLD OUT.
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Had your heart set on a dpl® IIa for the holidays? Check out our other panels. The dpl® II and LookBook have the same anti-aging power as the best-selling dpl® IIa without the acne setting. If you do not struggle with large areas of acne, such as full face or back acne, then these panels are for YOU! Act now and you’ll receive a FREE Acne Treatment device.*

*While supplies last. Not valid with any other promotions or coupons.

panel bundles with free acne treatment device

I am a busy mom with not a lot of time for selfcare. I needed something that would fit into my hectic schedule. Due to the short treatment times I am able to fit the dpl® IIa into my daily routine and my skin has never looked better! Thanks to the dual settings, my teenager has been acne free since starting her treatments too!

Brittany C. / Sales Associate
before and after photos of water collection in Haiti

We Give Back

A Life-Changing Project – Low Cost, High Impact Water Reservoirs

A portion of every reVive Light Therapy® purchase is donated to water access relief initiatives in Haiti. Helping to empower some of the most vulnerable families in the Western Hemisphere, we have partnered with Passion Rescue Mission to not only bring change and revival through the building of water reservoirs, but most importantly HOPE. This year, we have met our goal of building 50 reservoirs in rural Haiti and with your help, we would like to donate another $50,000 to the project this holiday season.

These simple, yet highly effective reservoirs have removed the single biggest burden facing families living in extreme poverty and are resulting in sustainable community change:

  • Children are now able to spend more time in school as less time is spent collecting water
  • Increased production of crops and healthier farm animals
  • Timed saved from not collecting water twice a day has given women the opportunity to explore income generating ventures for their families
  • With readily available, disease-free water, families can begin to work themselves out of the chain of poverty

This holiday season, help us bring change and revival through your gift of accessible water.

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